Awetest/HP ALM Integration Press release

3Qi Labs has joined with HP to integrate the Awetest with HP’s ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) software. Awetest is compatible within ALM on multiple levels, including ALM’s test plan, test lab, and defect modules. Examples include being able to load test defect data directly from Awetest into ALM, or sync test cases and scripts from Awetest to ALM. This comprehensive integration among all the major ALM models will help to optimize the process of testing (and application development as a whole) for users. More information can be found:

1. Awetest Integration with ALM Test Plan Module

2. Awetest Integration with HP ALM Defects Module

3. Awetest Integration with HP ALM Test Lab Module 

As a market leader of QA tools and technologies, HP was an obvious choice when it came to integrating our Awetest framework. HP’s ALM has been a staple within the industry of quality assurance and software testing for years, and the standard set by the platform cannot be ignored.

3Qi Labs is the company behind Awetest – a framework to build, manage & execute automated testing for web & mobile applications.  The software provided by 3Qi Labs allows companies to build a web and mobile testing strategy to target cross-device and cross-browser compatibility.