Our cross-border team is proficient in the latest tools, technologies, & processes and has experience in a variety of enterprise & startup settings​.


We provide consulting services that evaluate you - how you can best implement Awetest, and test automation as a whole, into your current situation.

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We offer full-scale QA services to your company; all test building, management, and execution is done by us, complete with detailed reports + anayltics. This can last you through a single build of your software/app, or be maintained for as long as you desire

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Our offshore team provides comprehensive manual and automated QA services at a fraction of the cost. Our team consists of highly skilled analysts, proficient with a variety of testing tools/technologies.

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We will train you in Awetest, as well as any testing tools and technologies that you wish to use. This training can benefit anyone from a seasoned QA manager to an employee who has no software testing experience.

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A deep expertise in a multitude of open (and proprietary) automation technologies:

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From the Blog


An Introduction to Biometric Authentication Technologies

What is Biometric Authentication?  The earliest form of biometrics was the use of fingerprints to identify criminals. It was also used to sign contracts as each fingerprint is unique. But over the years, biometrics has been more and more important in technology too. Biometric authentication ensures the highest form of security across products and services....


Top 10 Test Automation Trends for 2022

Test automation is becoming more important than ever, as companies seek to get to market faster and better serve their customers. Without properly conducting software tests, companies may lose money, clientele, and reputation. For large enterprises, infrastructure failures could add up to nearly $140,000 per hour on the low end and $540,000 per hour on...


Why Software Release Cycle Frequency Continues to Increase

Within the last year, the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) released a survey sent to 1,337 professionals from primarily technology and software backgrounds regarding a variety of topics related to cloud computing, including identifying trends in software development and releases. We dived in to pull some stats we found interesting and analyzed their implications on software testing and the QA industry....