API Testing

API production (and consumption) is growing at a rapid rate - with open APIs passing the 22,000 mark in 2019. As consumption of 3rd party APIs continues to expand and play an increasingly central role in IT, testing them becomes equally critical.



The Awetest Advantage

With Awetest, you can test REST and SOAP APIs in a simple, scalable fashion using a combination of open source technologies and pre-packaged Awetest libraries.


Complex Scenarios

Awetest supports testing complex API scenarios using custom libraries, pre-request scripts, data-driven testing and request bundling.



Build Once, Test Everywhere

Now you can run a single test/script across multiple platforms, SDKs and device combinations.




Get step by step execution results, along with performance statistics and historical reports.



Cross Platform

With Awetest you can test complex scenarios that integrate API testing with functional/mobile and database validations from a single script.


What is Swagger?

Swagger is increasingly becoming the standard for documentation of your RESTful API. It is open source and gives you interactive documentation, client SDK generation, and discoverability.

Technology: cURL

cURL is an open source tool to transfer data from or to a server, using several different protocols (HTTP, FTP, LDAP, etc.) and forms the basis for the Awetest API Testing Module & Framework
cURL Blog Post | cURL Project

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The Awetest WEB module is a cross-platform automation framework that allows comprehensive testing across all major browsers on Windows & Mac OS X platforms.

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