At 3Qi Labs, we are continuously working to improve the test automation building process. Building utilities to simplify and scale the automation process has always been a focus for us and we continue to invest heavily in this area. Here are some of the tools we’ve built - keep checking back for more.

aweAwetest Recorder (Firefox Plug-In)

Awetest recorder is a free Firefox plug-in that allows you to record your automation scripts directly in your browser in different languages including Watir WebDriver, Selenium, Cucumber, and 3Qi Labs’ Awetestlib. You can save and run the recorded scripts directly from Awetest. Download the plug-in here.

Products_Utilities3Swagger-To-Test (STT)

Swagger is quickly becoming the defacto standard for publishing RESTful API Documentation.  Swagger To Test allows users to generate API Test Scenarios by simply upload/reference a Swagger Doc. You can download the test scripts and scenarios directly from STT and run it through Awetest.

aweObject Generator

Object generator is a useful utility for creating an object repository directly from an URL or a simple Ruby script. Check it out.


Another simple Chrome Browser add-on that allows you to stress test your RESTful web service. The user can track the performance of a HTTP request for a pre-defined number of iterations in a matter of seconds.

Products_Utilities7Awetest-Responsive Testing

Another simple utility that allows you to view any website/URL across multiple breakpoints and different device resolutions. You can check it out here.

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