Deploy the Awetest Test Automation platform in the cloud to Build, Manage, and Execute your Responsive & Mobile Testing

Awetest in AWS Marketplace

Sept. 14, 2015: 3Qi Labs today announced the release of Awetest in the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Awetest is a simple, quick-to-deploy framework that facilitates all aspects of your functional, responsive & API automated testing, across Web & Mobile Applications.

“The exponential growth of software development over the past decade, combined with an explosion of form factors & devices, has made the need for efficient and flexible software testing more important than ever,” says 3Qi Labs founder and CEO Naman Aggarwal. “The Awetest platform coupled AWS’ ease of deployment & scalability, makes this compelling offering for IT organizations looking to adopt & scale their test automation efforts”

Awetest’s presence on the AWS Marketplace will allow a direct and convenient way to access Awetest for new and existing AWS users. Thanks to AWS’s EC2, Awetest can be easily deployed in the cloud, offering scalable, pay-as-you-go computing capacity. Enterprises both small and large can have Awetest up & running in less than one hour, and benefit from a fully functioning automation platform, ready to execute cross-device, cross-browser, and API testing.

Awetest allows you to build, manage, and execute your test scripts, which can be completely constructed from scratch or customized with predefined libraries that are shipped with the application. Awetest also offers detailed reports containing in-depth analytics, step-by-step breakdown of test runs, screenshots, video capture, and much more. Driving your testing with a multitude of robust open source tools (including Cucumber, Appium, Ruby, Selenium, Watir, & Galen) provides a welcome level of flexibility to the development and execution of your tests.

3Qi Labs’ automation experts provide a powerful support network  that can help you set up Awetest to best to fit your needs, deliver automation & testing tool training on location, and deliver full-scale QA services for your project/application.

Awetest is available today in AWS Marketplace on a subscription basis: