Build, Manage, and Execute automated tests for your SAP Fiori applications

November 1, 2015: 3Qi Labs today announced cross-platform support for Mobile & Responsive testing for SAP Fiori, to ensure comprehensive test coverage. SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. SAP solutions, such as the SAP Business Suite applications, use SAP Fiori UX to provide a personalized and role-based user experience for enterprise-wide engagement across lines of business.

Mobile & Responsive automated testing. Through Awetest, 3Qi Labs now enables SAP customers to build out automated test suites for their SAP Fiori applications, allowing them to minimize issues for an optimal SAP Fiori experience. Users will be able to leverage custom-built frameworks to streamline their testing infrastructure, exponentially reduce testing cycle time, and greatly increase test coverage cross-platform/device/browser.

Build, Manage, Execute.  Awetest is a simple, quick-to-deploy framework that facilitates all aspects of your functional, responsive & API automated testing – across Web & Mobile Applications. Awetest allows you to build, manage, and execute your test scripts, which can be completely constructed from scratch or customized with predefined libraries that are shipped with the application. Awetest also offers detailed reports containing in-depth analytics, step-by-step breakdown of test runs, screenshots, video capture, and much more. Driving your testing with a multitude of robust open source tools (including Cucumber, Appium, Ruby, Selenium, Watir, & Galen) provides a welcome level of flexibility to the development and execution of your tests.

“SAP is a logical extension of our efforts to help enterprises adopt mobile & responsive test automation. With its gargantuan global footprint and breadth & complexity of offerings, SAP is a perfect candidate to build automation around,” says 3Qi Labs founder and CEO, Naman Aggarwal. “We have focused on Responsive & Functional Test Automation and built out a variety of tests that showcase both our capabilities to rapidly automate tests, and the sheer breadth of coverage you can achieve on large complex applications like SAP.”

3Qi Labs’ automation experts provide a powerful support network  that can help you set up Awetest to best to fit your needs, deliver automation & testing tool training on location, and deliver full-scale QA services for your project/application.

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