As part of our continued effort and commitment to add new features and capabilities to Awetest, we recently announced Screenshot support.  “Actionable Reporting” has been been a big focus for us (and our customers) over the last several months.  Now with Smart Screenshots, users can get visual confirmation of specific point in the automation run where their scripts failed.

Users can now execute their automation scripts remotely and Awetest will capture screenshots for every validation.  Furthermore, instead of bombarding your server with several thousand images per test run, the screenshot feature is smart enough to save only the screenshots directly before and after a failed validation.  This allows the user to trace through the run and see a play-by-play of exactly what was executed and how the application behaved directly before & after the failure.

Screenshots are script-agnostic and will work with any of the supported scripts (Watir, Selenium, Sikuli) across all the supported browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome & Safari).


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