Some good news for users who were already invested in Selenium. We now support Selenium scripts recorded directly through Selenium IDE. Simply upload your raw selenium script in Awetest and you can leverage all the other features (screenshots, version control, detailed reporting, analytics, etc. etc.) that Awetest users have grown to love. Selenium has already gained prominence through the open source community, in part due to its ability to support multiple languages for scripting (Java, Ruby, JUnit, Python, C, etc.). Selenium, along with Watir, is shaping up to be one of major forces to drive innovation around browser-based test automation and we are proud to be part of such a vibrant movement.

Last, but not the least, hopefully this puts an end to the whole Record-and-Playback vs. Descriptive Scripting discussion. 🙂 While we still adamantly support the descriptive scripting approach over record/playback, we do admit the benefits of Record/Playback of simple (short) tests that need to be rapidly built & deployed and we’re glad to have a robust technology like Selenium IDE to draw upon and leverage as part of the Awetest framework!



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