Awetest Mobile Device Lab Demo


The most extreme benefit of using the Awetest Mobile Device Lab has been the amount of automated mobile device testing we are able to successfully perform in a short amount of time. By using the Mobile Device Lab and test automation, 3Qi Labs has been able to see a 10x+ increase in test coverage. In real-life application we are now able to perform over 100 tests while running them on 10 (or more) devices, which comes out to over 1,000 tests completed- All within 4 hours! Comparably, the same amount of testing manually would take over a week to complete.


The Mobile Device Lab holds valuable equipment so it must be able to protect and secure what’s inside. It can hold as many as 15+ devices at once and they can range from any make or model, iOS or android, tablet or phone, etc. The Lab offers a descending 4th wall, which can be pulled up and out of the way whenever the Lab is in use, or down to cover all of the devices inside. When it is down the Lab can be secured by locking it closed with a provided key.


With all of the devices attached by USB to connect to the Awetest server it can be a mess to have so many wires everywhere; however, with the Mobile Device Lab the wires are nicely hidden along the built in shelves. This creates simplicity for connecting and disconnecting devices and transporting the Mobile Device Lab itself. Besides that aspect, the separate shelves allow for easy viewing of all the devices being tested at once, so you can oversee if the tests are going along as they should while they’re happening.


The fact that it is a Mobile Device Lab gives hint to it’s accessibility. Since it is possible to move the device lab around then it becomes possible to execute your own tests on-premise, or you could chose to have your testing hosted by 3Qi Labs. The benefit of this is having the option to bring along your devices with you in a very simple and accessible manner.


Mobile Device Lab