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3Qi Labs has partnered with HP through the HP Alliance One program to offer solutions that enable customers to leverage their existing investments in HP ALM technologies and seamlessly work with the Awetest framework for software test automation.


HP Clould Service

HP Cloud Services is providing public cloud infrastructure services for organizations of all sizes. Designed with OpenStack technology at the core, HP’s open, transparent architecture ensures no vendor lock-in, improves developer productivity, features easy-to-use tools for faster time to code, provides access to a rich partner ecosystem, and is backed by exceptional customer support. HP’s initial offering includes on-demand compute instances or virtual machines, scalable online storage capacity and accelerated delivery of cached content to end users. HP’s full suite of public cloud services will enable the next generation of web services to be built, run and scale on a global basis backed with a broad marketplace of analytics, tools and services. HP’s cloud supports customers with a differentiated hybrid delivery model, providing interoperability and portability across public, private and managed clouds.

For additional information visit hpcloud.com.


Urban Code

3Qi Labs has partnered with Urbancode to integrate Awetest with Anthill Pro, Urbancode’s popular CBD (Continuous Build & Deploy) platform. With the integration, 3Qi and Urbancode customers can now implement a true continuous deployment and testing process across multiple environments.


Teamsoft Technologies

Teamsoft Technologies with a track record of delivering mission critical solutions is a leading provider of consulting, staffing and technology services. Teamsoft Technologies is a strategic partner of 3Qi Labs and provides QA assurance, test case development, and consulting based on 3Qi Labs Awetest Framework. For more on the range of professional services that 3Qi Labs is able to offer in conjunction with Teamsoft Technologies, please see our Services Section.