Our Cross-Border Team is Proficient in the Latest Tools, Technologies & Processes and has Experience in a Variety of Enterprise & Startup Settings​.


We provide consulting services that evaluate you how you can best implement Awetest, and test automation as a whole, into your current situation

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We offer full-scale QA services to your company; all test building, management, and execution is done by us, complete with detailed reports + anayltics. This can last you through a single build of your software/app, or be maintained for as long as you desire

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Our offshore team provides comprehensive manual and automated QA services at a fraction of the cost. Our team  consists of highly skilled anaylsts, proficient with a variety of testing tools/technologies

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We will train you in Awetest, as well as any testing tools and technologies that you wish to use. This training can benefit anyone from a seasoned QA manager to an employee who has no software testing experience

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A deep expertise in a multitude of Open (and Proprietary) Automation Technologies:

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From the blog


RPA: The Next Frontier in Automation

Has the future arrived? If you classify the future as robots beginning to take over our repetitive business processes, than that answer is a resounding yes, thanks to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Automation has always been at the core of what we’re doing at 3Qi Labs and, as a result,  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has recently...


State of QA Testing 2017: Where Are We Now?

SmartBear’s 2017 State of QA Testing report contains responses from over 3,400 employees in the QA industry, including software developers, manual/automation tester, consultants, etc. As always, seeing these types of reports provides an enlightening look into the direction of the QA industry, and allows us to examine our own methodologies and approach to testing. Lets analyze...


Agile Test Automation: Points to Consider

The structure and frequency of testing automation is often debated. Should you automate your tests? How should you automate? When and which tests should you automate? The debate can go on for days due to varying test results and reliability. To further complicate matters, conducting tests through an agile environment seems to make test automation a...