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The Galen Framework + Awetest To Automate Your Responsive Testing

by Aamir Mauladad on October 2, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Responsive Testing

As we’ve discussed before, Responsive Design allows for a flexible, intuitive, and consistent experience across websites/apps. The quantity of responsively designed products increasing is necessitating an equivalent rise in responsive testing. As with functional testing, we can use automation to address our increased responsive testing needs. We’ve recently added support for the Galen Framework to Awetest, providing a solution for the need of automated responsive testing….

Risks of Outsourced Software Testing

by Aamir Mauladad on September 24, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Outsourcing

Choosing to outsource may seem like the perfect answer in many cases. A low cost, swift solution that can be a convenience, or even spearhead your project. Total The truth is, outsourcing offers as many risks as it does potential benefits. When it comes to outsourcing for software QA, these benefits and risks will have an even greater impact…

Responsive Design for E-Commerce

30% of all US Commerce is now done on a mobile device; for relatively new medium, that is an impressive rise that will only continue for the foreseeable future. It is also indicative of how necessary it is for E-Commerce sites to offer a mobile experience that is completely optimized for mobile devices. Mobile users…

Testing, DevOps, & Automation

by Aamir Mauladad on September 18, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: DevOps

Traditional IT Ops teams require nearly 60% more time per week to handle support cases as compared to their DevOps Oriented Counterparts! This is just one of many statistics legitimizing DevOps as a software development methodology and it continues to be one of the big areas of focus for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Webinar: Turbocharge your DevOps with Test Automation

by Taylor Reifurth on September 15, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Appium, DevOps, selenium

Today, frequently feature-packed software updates can mean the difference between market domination or company extinction. Equally important is delivering high-quality software, but critical testing steps are often handled manually, introducing risk and unpredictability in the process. Join Electric Cloud

E-Commerce Testing Strategies

by Aamir Mauladad on September 11, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Uncategorized

Now that you know Why Testing is Crucial for E-Commerce, lets delve into a few testing strategies for E-Commerce. The task of approaching any type testing can be daunting at first, so we’ll break it down into a few key concepts. Lets take a look at what we consider to be essentials when it comes to testing for E-Commerce.  …

Why Testing is Crucial for E-Commerce

by Aamir Mauladad on August 31, 2015 No Comments »

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A recent Deloitte Annual Holiday Survey revealed that, for the first time ever, 47% of consumers would be shopping online for their holiday purchases, surpassing the 37% who would conduct their shopping traditionally in physical stores. This percentage of online shoppers has only grown, and the majority of these consumers (70%) are using their smartphones…

Top 4 Challenges with Mobile Application Testing

As mobile apps have overtaken PC internet usage, there is a growing shift towards mobile-first development, and consequently, Mobile testing. This has triggered new sets of challenges for developers & testers that didn’t exist up until recently. Increased mobile usage (and development) has changed user behavior wherein mobile users are increasingly unforgiving. If an app…

Page Object Model for Test Automation

Here’s a quick  intro to the Page Object Model Framework that we use extensively to build out large, scaleable test suites. There are also other frameworks that complement the Page Object Model framework and can prove to be extremely useful (and at times necessary) when implementing Test Automation.   Page Object Model Framework To start…

Awetest-Jenkins Integration

by Taylor Reifurth on December 15, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Awetest Features

Jenkins is synonymous with the DevOps movement that is increasingly becoming a focal point for IT departments everywhere.   As testing is an integral part of DevOps –  we are actively integrating with popular 3rd party tools and technologies to help our customers scale their DevOps initiatives and realize the full benefit of  Awetest, our Test Automation…