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Implementing WAVE Accessibility Testing with Firefox Toolbar & Cucumber

by Nelson Liao on August 7, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Integration, Testing Tools

WAVE (Web Accessibility Versatile Evaluator) is a free tool that was developed by WebAIM, which evaluates the accessibility of online content.  Within the context of test automation, WAVE can be implemented by loading its’ Firefox plug-in and running the compliance report on any site rendered by the browser. This proof of concept leverages both the WAVE Firefox…

10 Useful Accessibility Testing Tools

by Nelson Liao on August 5, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Testing Tools

Accessibility in context to online applications is bridging the gap between those individuals with physical disabilities and their ability to leverage the same online information that others use.  Web Accessible Testing is used to assure that web content is accessible based on the guidelines set by governments and international organizations such as the W3C. The motivations to invest…

Turning Off Internet Explorer Auto Updates

by Taylor Reifurth on August 5, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Uncategorized

 How to Easily Disable Internet Explorer Auto Updates Having updates automatically installed on your computer can be a nuisance, especially when you didn’t want the update to begin with. We have simple step-by-step instructions for disabling this feature on multiple browsers. While Internet Explorer auto updates are only an issue on Windows operating systems, we…

Turning Off Google Chrome Auto Updates

by Taylor Reifurth on August 5, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Tutorials

How to Easily Disable Google Chrome Auto Updates If you have a slow connection, or maybe don’t want the latest version of a browser then it can be frustrating to have the feature of Chrome auto updates enabled where updates are automatically installed. We also offer step-by-step instructions on how to turn off Internet Explorer…

Turning Off Firefox Auto Updates

by Taylor Reifurth on August 5, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Tutorials

Easily Disabling Firefox Auto Updates There are a handful of reasons why one might want to disable the pesky feature that comes set by default with all browsers, where updates are automatically downloaded and installed on your computer. You may have a poor or slow internet connection and simply don’t want the updates automatically installed,…

On-Demand Cross-Browser & Mobile Screenshots in Awetest

One of the big challenges in Mobile & Cross-Platform testing is validating that the UI renders correctly across your target OS-Browser-Device Matrix.  Awetest now addresses this by allowing the user to take desktop & mobile screenshots as part of their automated run (at pre-defined intervals) and display them in the Awetest reports.  Another problem associated with executing…

Awetest-HP ALM Integration: Syncing with HP ALM Test Plan Module

by Taylor Reifurth on June 10, 2014 1 Comment »

Posted in: ALM

One of the big features in the Awetest v2.3 release was the deeper integration with HP ALM using the ALM REST API. As we’ve mentioned in the past, HP ALM remains the cornerstone of many Awetest enterprise customers’ QA tracking and reporting needs, which is why we’ve continued to deepen our integration with HP ALM…

Awetest-HP ALM Integration: Integrating with the HP ALM Test Lab Module

by Taylor Reifurth on June 10, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: ALM

The newest version of Awetest has revved up our existing integration and incorporated an even deeper integration with HP ALM to enhance the communication between Awetest and the ALM server even more.  We’ve built atop the HP ALM REST API to continue to evolve our integration with ALM as Awetest has matured into a fully-featured cross-platform automation solution because HP…

Awetest-HP ALM REST API Integration: Defects Module

by Taylor Reifurth on June 10, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: ALM

With our release of Awetest 2.3 we’ve revved up our existing integration using the HP ALM REST API and built deeper integration with the ALM Test Lab, Test Plan and Defects modules to further enhance the interoperability between Awetest and HP ALM.

Cucumber 101: How Does Cucumber Automated Testing Work ?

by Naman Aggarwal on June 4, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Architecture, Cucumber

This uptick in Cucumber usage has been triggered by a variety of factors – increased Agile adoption, Cucumber’s easy to understand natural language syntax, support for TDD, BDD, etc. As the level of interest and Skepticism (The “This is too good to be true” crowd) rises, one of the many questions we’re constantly asked is “How does Cucumber Work”?