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Your Mobile App Doesn’t Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

by Taylor Reifurth on December 2, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Mobile, Mobile Device Testing

Exactly as the title suggests, your application will probably only have one chance to sway someone into becoming a user, because if you disappoint the first time, you can bet (with 84% confidence) they won’t be back.. Nowadays apps need to run perfectly with every release because modern consumers have extremely low tolerances for buggy apps….

What to Know Before Implementing Responsive Design

by Taylor Reifurth on November 21, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Mobile

Everyone is aware that mobile is taking over the world- 55% of global internet usage is now happening on mobile devices. But what does that mean for website design? Should designers and developers be creating stand-alonemobile sites or implementing Responsive Design to have their current site work cross-platform? We have a lot of experience with testing responsive…

Open Source Automation Technologies Supported By Awetest

There is no shortage of Op-Eds on why Open Source Software is one of the biggest disruptors of the $3.8 Trillion IT industry, when OSS came out it rewrote the rules for the software industry and really shook things up- and now, Open Source Software is used in 80% of enterprises. Along the same lines – Open Source QA Tools…

When To Automate Testing

by Taylor Reifurth on October 17, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: automation

Automated testing requires a higher initial investment but the reason why (if done right) the risk pays off, is because automation can lead to a higher return on investment- which is something that everyone is after. Besides the initial investment automating also requires training or skill in order to engineer the tests and codes. Being…

A Trick for Data Driven Testing Using Cucumber

by Taylor Reifurth on September 25, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: automation

Now that you know the anatomy of a Data-Driven test, here’s a trick that simplifies the process of Data Driven testing using Cucumber. Cucumber inherently supports Data Driven testing by the use of the Scenario Outline and Examples section. It is with these keywords that Cucumber allows for easy Data Driven testing to be completed where no changes need to be made…

Anatomy of a Test Automation Data-Driven Framework

by Taylor Reifurth on September 25, 2014 1 Comment »

Posted in: Uncategorized

A Data-Driven testing framework refers to the repeating of the same test case scenario using different data sets – making the test case, data centric. As a result, a QA Engineer is able to test multiple scenarios using one single test case. This article will explain the anatomy of a Data-Driven test, followed by an…

Difference Between White Box and Black Box Testing

by Taylor Reifurth on September 23, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Uncategorized

  At 3Qi Labs we are constantly looking and recruiting for QE (Quality Engineers), and with all of the interviews we have conducted we have seen a huge range of answers to the simple question “What’s the difference between White Box and Black Box testing?”. This post is our attempt at breaking down the fundamental…

Types of Automation Frameworks

by Taylor Reifurth on September 19, 2014 2 Comments »

Posted in: automation

“Frameworks” is an overused, yet necessary, part of any successful automation effort. Automation has been around for a long time (Mercury Systems which is part of HP since 2005 was founded in 1980!) and many of the approaches are the same as they were back then, but the underlying technologies and tools have evolved. So today,…

Safari Inspect Element & Mobile Device Emulator

by Nelson Liao on August 26, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Testing Tools

Safari’s native development tool is Safari Inspect Element. Unlike the other browsers, Safari Inspect Element is not activated by default, this article will be showing step by step instructions on how to activate it.  Safari also offers a different feature from the other browsers where the user can view any webpage in a mobile device emulator. For mobile webpage…

Internet Explorer Inspect Element: DOM Explorer

by Nelson Liao on August 26, 2014 No Comments »

Posted in: Testing Tools

Testing Internet Explorer is essential for Quality Assurance because it is the default browser shipped with Windows products. For testing IE the QA Analysts at 3Qi Labs use the Internet Explorer Inspect Element web developer tool, DOM Explorer. For Internet Explorer 6 and 7 it was introduced as a toolbar, whereas on Internet Explorer 8…