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Responsive & Mobile Automated Testing for SAP Fiori

by Aamir Mauladad on November 5, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Awetest Tutorial, Blog, SAP Fiori

Fiori is SAP’s brand new UI/User Experience to help move all of SAPs offerings into the Mobile & Responsive Era. Per their site: “Enjoy a user experience that is personalized, responsive and simple. SAP Fiori is the new user experience of SAP software – such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Simple Finance and the SAP Business…

Top 10 Challenges Faced With Implementing Good Test Automation

Here is a list of challenges and pain points every Dev or QA manager should take into account when considering whether or not to implement test automation within their quality assurance phase. 1. Automate Everything? Knowing when you have enough test automation coverage can be a tough realization. The test engineers we speak on a day…

Awetest Responsive Testing Utility for Breakpoint Testing

by Aamir Mauladad on October 22, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Blog, Responsive Testing

We are always excited to develop new tools and solutions that help relieve the painful aspects of the testing. We’ve previously discussed responsive testing in our posts about incorporating Galen into Awetest and the importance of Responsive Design for E-Commerce. Now, we’re excited to introduce the Awetest Responsive Testing Utility (ARTU), for Breakpoint Testing. Anyone testing a responsive…

8 Reasons Why Manual Testing is Still EXTREMELY Important

by Aamir Mauladad on October 14, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Blog, Exploratory Testing

QA can get an unfortunate reputation for being the “Bad Guy”. After all, no one wants to be told their code is rife with errors and broke a major functionality within the application, but sometimes the truth hurts. QA teams aren’t trying to frustrate developers, we actually care about your software as much as you! The end…

Leveraging Exploratory Testing for your DevOps Needs

by Aamir Mauladad on October 13, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: DevOps, Exploratory Testing

As DevOps continues to expand, understanding how each team’s function contributes to your end goal is imperative. When looking at QA, it is tempting to push for your testing to be 100% automation.  After all, if automation means you’re hitting your test case completion goal faster, who’s complaining? The problem lies in the assumption that there…

Testing Implications of App Slicing

by Aamir Mauladad on October 13, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: App Slicing

With the release of iOS9, Apple introduced App Thinning. In their words: “The App Store and operating system optimize the installation of iOS and watchOS apps by tailoring app delivery to the capabilities of the user’s particular device, with minimal footprint. This optimization, called app thinning, lets you create apps that use the most device…

Exploratory Testing; Why is it Important?

by Aamir Mauladad on October 9, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: QA, Testing

Exploratory testing allows a tester to exercise their creativity and knowledge (or lack thereof) of the application to discover new defects, and subsequently new flows to incorporate into their scripted tests. This makes exploratory testing an extremely important component of your testing lifecycle.

Why We Love Open Source for Test Automation

by Aamir Mauladad on October 9, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Open Source

When people hear the word Open Source, there may be more than a few negative misconceptions. After all, we’re used to anything that claims to be “free” containing some kind of hidden cost. However, there is truly no catch with accessing and using Open Source software Open Source usage has only been rising over the past decade;…

The Galen Framework + Awetest To Automate Your Responsive Testing

by Aamir Mauladad on October 2, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Responsive Testing

As we’ve discussed before, Responsive Design allows for a flexible, intuitive, and consistent experience across websites/apps. The quantity of responsively designed products increasing is necessitating an equivalent rise in responsive testing. As with functional testing, we can use automation to address our increased responsive testing needs. We’ve recently added support for the Galen Framework to Awetest, providing a solution for the need of automated responsive testing….

Risks of Outsourced Software Testing

by Aamir Mauladad on September 24, 2015 No Comments »

Posted in: Outsourcing

Choosing to outsource may seem like the perfect answer in many cases. A low cost, swift solution that can be a convenience, or even spearhead your project. Total The truth is, outsourcing offers as many risks as it does potential benefits. When it comes to outsourcing for software QA, these benefits and risks will have an even greater impact…