We Help Companies Adopt Test Automation. Effectively

At 3Qi Labs, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the testing problem. There’s too much to test. Developers are developing & releasing software/updates faster than ever before. Users are flooded with choices and very unforgiving. Companies are releasing new Phones, Tablets, Browsers and APIs faster than we can consume them. There’s more to test, on more platforms, more often, in a more compressed timeframe. We’re here to help.


We Test Software

Our Team has conducted 5+ Million Tests - Responsive/Breakpoint, ADA, API and Mobile tests using a variety of technologies.


We Build Software

We Build Software to Test Software.  The 3Qi Labs Awetest Test Automation platform and related Utilities support  Mobile & Responsive and API Testing.


We Love Open Source

Selenium, Appium, Calaba.sh and Cucumber are only few of the many technologies we support and the list continues to expand.


A Brief History

3Qi Labs & Awetest was conceptualized in 2010; This was around the same time enterprises with grappling a few major shifts in the SDLC:

  - Agile Development & DevOps

  - Cloud Migration

  - SaaS and APIs

  - Mobile (and IOT) Applications & Support

3Qi Labs was launched with the sole purpose of providing Development, QA & DevOps Teams Testing Solutions & Services to help scale their Testing Coverage as they navigate this changing SDLC landscape.

Since inception, we’ve consistently executed on our vision of “Helping Enterprises Adopt Automation.  Effectively.” by gaining a complete understanding and addressing each customers’ unique pain points.  We have expanded both, our Team and Product to address the ever-changing SDLC and STLC landscape and focused on delivering solutions that allow teams to scale their testing and coverage in the shortest time period.

In the early days, we helped companies adopt (then) up & coming Open Source Technologies like Selenium and Watir for their core Cross-Browser testing needs.  The exponential rise in Smart phone usage in the early part of this decade served as the catalyst for quickly expanding our offering to support Mobile Testing for iOS and Android platforms. We also began adopting & standardizing our implementations around concepts like TDD and related Test Frameworks like Cucumber to incorporate the latest trends Technologies and Processes in both, Our Awetest Platform and related Services Offerings.  Automated API and Responsive Testing were a more recent (and logical) extensions of the Awetest platform. We have since embarked on complementing our services and solutions with handy Utilities and increased integration with other DevOps and ALM tools to ensure we’re consistently keeping abreast with customer needs and the overall SDLC ecosystem.

Awetest continues to evolve  with cutting edge features to help scale our customers’ Test Automation efforts, reduce the QA cycle times, and increase a very tangible ROI.  We are constantly incorporating new technologies, tools and feature/functionality to improve Awetest for our current and future customers. The complexity of devising an Enterprise-Testing Strategy continues to increase, as users become more reliant on mobile technologies and the mobile market grows increasingly fragmented by Device and OS.  Through all these changes, we have always maintained that our team will always be our most valuable resource and we continue to hire the best and brightest from around the world to help our customers ensure they’re receiving the highest level of Quality & Service.

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